Frank's Experience

Born and raised in Massachusetts, he graduated cum laude from Suffolk University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.


He began his insurance career as a claims adjuster with Safety Insurance in Boston. For the next twenty-five years, Frank advanced through the insurance industry, working for major carriers like Cigna, Travelers, and Continental Loss Adjustment Services. He handled Bodily Injury claims that occurred due to auto, truck, motorcycle, and boat accidents. Frank then opened an independent adjusting business with his wife in Dade and Monroe counties handling all types of claims for national accounts. They covered vandalism, windstorm, water damage, slip and fall, products claims, auto and truck accident claims. In Phoenix, Arizona, Frank worked for a third party administrator company as their senior bodily injury adjuster. There Frank handled all of the fatality and serious commercial trucking accident claims west of the Mississippi for a national insurance account.


Frank chose to attend St Thomas School of Law in Miami, Fl and received a Juris Doctor degree. He also won Book Awards for both Moot Court and Family Law. He began his 18 year law career working for a Miami based major defense firm. He then opened his own practice in Miami. He relocated to Palm Bay and opened his current practice in 2008. He is licensed to practice in all the of the Florida state courts.


In his spare time, Frank likes to be outdoors, either fishing, boating or photographing wildlife. He and wife love to travel throughout the west.


Business Philosophy

Listen to the client,  investigate and learn the facts, research, & settle


Frank  will personally meet with you, sit down and listen to your story. You will speak to him for an hour or more, just so that he can determine what type of claim you may have, what your injuries or damages are and to figure out what he can do for you. At most law firms, you will first meet with a paralegal or investigator, not a lawyer.


If Frank takes your case, he will personally investigate your accident or claim. He will go out to accident scene to photograph, diagram and document. He will locate and interview all witnesses. Frank will gather all your medical reports and records and review them for an injury claim. Frank learns all the details of your claim; he does not rely on reading a report put together by an investigator. As an adjuster, Frank handled and settled thousands of claims. He has settled more injury claims than most attorneys handle as cases in their career.


Frank honed his research skills while clerking for a major defense firm in Miami. He learned to “pull every case”, read the cases and learn the case law. He still puts those hard won research skills to work on all his personal injury cases. One of his mottos is “the lawyer that spends the extra hour in the law library, is the lawyer that wins.”  Those research skills will be put to use developing your case.


Then Frank will put together a demand package that will contain all the accident facts, photographs, witness statements, medical records and reports. He will draft a letter outlining the facts of your accident, the liability, your treatment, your recovery, your permanent injury resulting from the accident. The demand letter will also review all the medical records, reports, bills and out of pockets, expenses and any liens.


Frank will attempt to settle your claim without suit. Even if the insurance company denies liability or makes a low offer, Frank will not automatically file suit. He will continue to call and write letters, arguing your case with the adjuster until he can obtain a reasonable settlement offer. Frank will keep you involved in the settlement process, advising you of all offers, counteroffers and strategy. He will pursue pre-suit mediation to settle rather than file suit. If you cannot obtain a fair settlement, Frank will file suit and pursue your case through trial, appeal and even to the Florida Supreme Court if necessary.





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